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Jewish-run ADL henchmen attacking Republican Steven King as a “White nationalist”

Credit National Vanguard
Credit National Vanguard

National Vanguard – American Dissident Voices broadcast from of November 10, 2018

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It seems the warning Barbara Spectre gave us several years ago was right on target. The Jews would be leading the destruction of European & American identity by forced multiculturalism. Spectre self-righteously proclaimed that the Jews would be resented for this but it was absolutely necessary for everyone- except Israel of course. The Jews then wonder why antisemitism is on the rise- you’d think it was one of their primary objectives. I believe that we need to talk about the Jewish problem- that their race may not be compatible with ours- they being travelers for thousands of years have evolved to excel at taking advantage of host countries. It has nothing to do with religion it’s genetics.

IOWA REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN Steven King is the latest politician put in the crosshairs by the Jewish “Anti-Defamation League,” or ADL. ADL boss Jonathan Greenblatt, who looks like a low-level gang thug from a 1930s crime film, wrote a letter to Paul Ryan calling for King’s own party to censure and isolate him and strip him of his offices in Congress.

Greenblatt wrote: “We urge you, as Speaker of the House of Representatives, to strip Rep. King from his chairmanships, and to take formal disciplinary action to censure Rep. King and condemn his actions.”

In lock-step with the ADL, the Jewish-run media are attacking King as a “White nationalist” because he’s friendly with some alt-light civic nationalist politicians and personalities, and because he occasionally makes mildly nationalist comments like “we can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

full story by Kevin Alfred Strom on National Vanguard

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